Verifying the file share witness server for Exchange 2010/2013

I will check the Witness Share with the PowerShell. First i need to know where i can find the Witness Share. Use the following command to get the Information.

Get-DatabaseAvailbilityGroup -Identity DAGNAME -Status | fl Name,Servers,WitnessServer,WitnessDirectory,AlternateWitnessServer, AlternateWitnessDirectory

You can see that in this case i have only the Primary witness share. If you use also the alternate share you can check over Powershell which one is used.

Get-DatabaseAvailbilityGroup -Identity DAGNAME – Status | fl Name,WitnessShareInUse

In the Field „WitnessShareInUse“ you can see „Primary“ or „Alternate“ which Shows you the active Witness Share.

Now you can check the Status with:

Cluster DAGNAME res

You can also check the full SharePath now. Type the following command:

Cluster DAGNAME res „File Share Witness Name“ /priv

There you will find the value „SharePath“.

OffTopic: A quick view over all your Mailbox database copies in one DAG can you get over the this command:

Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup DAGNAME | %{$_.Servers | %{Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Server $_}}

Now you are ready to check your witness share!

Hope you enjoyed this Topic.