Need the Pre Shared Key from a Azure Gateway?

No Problem! With a simpel command you can get the PSK via PowerShell.

Command: Get-AzureVNetGatewayKey -VNetName „YourAzureVNet“ -LocalNetworkSiteName „YourLocalSiteName“ | fl

This show you a window like this:

The Value is your PSK for your VPN.



Azure – VIP Reservation

A virtual IP address (VIP) can be reserved in Azure to a virtual Maschine and cloud service web/worker roles.

At the Moment you can reserve 20 Public IPs to a Subscription. If you need more, you must request additional.

The Cost you can see under:

At this time you need the PowerShell to reserve a IP adress to a Cloud Service.

Here the commands you Need:

New-AzureReservedIP –ReservedIPName “ReservedIPName” –Label “ReservedLabel” –Location “Location”

Other commands like „Get-AzureReservedIP“ you can see with „get-help *-AzureReservedIP*“

Note: You can´t go back and apply a Reservation to a cloud Service that was already created.