Azure Stack

Microsoft’s Hybrid-Cloud-Solution

Microsoft Azure Stack enables organizations to deploy the most important IaaS and PaaS Azure cloud services from their own data center. Azure Stack is not a continuation of Azure Pack, but a complete new development. The hybrid solution creates a connection between private and public cloud while maintaining data sovereignty. This allows databases to remain locally in the private cloud, while Azure web apps can be accessed through the public cloud.

Especially software developers (ISVs) benefit from the advantages of the Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud:

  • Environment remains consistent for more efficient software development
  • Open source tools like Java, PHP and Python can be used
  • Resources are application-scalable (hyperscaling)
  • Simplified deployment with integrated systems from hardware partners (e.g., DELL EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo)
  • Possibility of deploying virtual Linux computers via the Azure Stack marketplace

Azure Stack explained (German language):

Video - Azure Stack in 60 Sekunden erklärt

This makes Azure Stack especially suitable for large companies with correspondingly high or varying resource requirements. In addition, the deployment of the stack is completely taken over by the Microsoft partner (Tec Networks GmbH).

How does the Hybrid Cloud work for companies with strict security regulations?

Microsoft Azure Stack enables companies to deploy Azure services in their own data center. This means that a private cloud can be set up in the local environment that is able to communicate with the public cloud. The hybrid solution allows data and applications to be kept strictly separate from the public cloud. Microsoft Azure Stack provides access to the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud for companies with stringent security regulations.

What are the benefits of Azure Stack for business?

In everyday life, Microsoft Azure Stack offers several advantages. For example, virtual machines (VMs) can also be created over local environments. The same concept is used as in the public cloud. Administrators need to provide only one template and one image for the VMs. They can then manage the VMs through both the local and public Azure Clouds.

Users gain great flexibility in this way. Services can be operated via the Hybrid Cloud either only locally, only via the public counterpart or synchronously. It allows IT managers to easily meet compliance requirements without giving away the benefits of the cloud.

This flexibility and compatibility of Microsoft Azure Stack further enhances the hybrid cloud solution. As a surface, the GUI of the public Azure Cloud is used. Users familiar with the Azure Admin Dashboard will find their way around the Azure Stack environment quickly.

Azure Stack Admin Dashboard

The Azure Stack Admin Dashboard. The structure is clear and all features and functions are easily accessible.

What are the requirements of Azure Stack?

A compute node is sufficient to set up an Azure Stack Test Environment (PoC) using the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK). However, at least 4 nodes are required for productive use. Hardware is supplied or provided exclusively by certified Azure Stack hardware vendors. Tec Networks GmbH works closely with its customers to provide the Azure Stack systems and helps with a comprehensive service offer for the transformation of the IT solution.

How is data backed up with Azure Stack?

Microsoft Azure Stack is also an advantage and a reason for change for companies that have previously worked with on-premise and Azure Pack solutions in combination. Not only the comfort, but also the safety gain of the hybrid cloud plays a role. Azure Pack was limited to local storage only. Microsoft Azure Stack, on the other hand, allows geographically redundant storage units to be downstream to set up intelligent backup solutions (Azure Backup).

Azure Stack solutions from Tec Networks

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Azure Stack FAQ

Who is Microsoft Azure Stack for?

Die Hybrid Cloud von Microsoft eignet sich, auf Grund seiner hervorragenden Skalierbarkeit, für eine Vielzahl von Unternehmen aus den verschiedensten Branchen. Neben der Kaufoption besteht auch die Möglichkeit Azure Stack auf einer Subscription-Basis zu nutzen. So können bereits mittelständische Unternehmen (ab ca. 50 Mitarbeitern), die Ihre Unternehmens-IT flexibler gestalten wollen, von der innovativen Hybridlösung profitieren.

How many active Azure stacks already exist?

Schon heute sind weltweit über 230 Azure Stacks im Einsatz und helfen Unternehmen dabei Ihre IT-Infrastruktur und Arbeitsprozesse flexibler und effektiver zu gestalten.

Is Azure Stack more expensive than a purely local IT solution?

Mit Azure Stack haben Unternehmen die Möglichkeit, abhängig von der Konfiguration und Bezugsart (Kauf oder Subscription), auf längere Sicht bares Geld zu sparen.

Can Azure Stack be used in companies with strict security regulations?

Durch die Option eine private Cloud in der lokalen Umgebung einrichten zu lassen, haben Unternehmen die Möglichkeit Ihre Programme, Dateien und Dokumente streng von der öffentlichen Cloud zu trennen. Durch die Hybrid-Lösung Azure Stack können also auch Firmen mit strikten Sicherheitsvorschriften die Vorteile der Microsoft Cloud nutzen.

How can I monitor my Azure Stack?

Azure Stack kann sowohl über das Admin Dashboard, als auch über die Verwendung eines vorhandenen externen Monitoring-Tools (z.B. PRTG) überwacht werden.

Is Azure Stack compatible with Linux?

Yes, virtual Linux computers can be deployed in Azure Stack. The easiest way is to add a Linux based image in the Azure Stack Marketplace.

What is the Azure Stack Alliance?

The Azure Stack Alliance is an association of cloud experts, with the goal of providing companies with the most comprehensive Azure Stack consulting experience possible.

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