Secure important Data in the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft Azure Backup

Microsoft Azure Backup enables organizations of all sizes and industries to have a sophisticated backup and recovery system, ensuring cost-effective and efficient geo-backup of business-critical data. Thus, Azure Backup provides protection against cybercrime (keyword “ransomware”), natural disasters and other unforeseeable events.

With Azure Backup, you get a simple and affordable solution to back up your data regularly and automatically. This includes normal PCs, virtual machines and entire servers. Your data is encrypted and secured in the highly available Microsoft Azure Cloud.

You always have control over your data (data sovereignty): It is up to you what, how often and when to save. The password for data encryption is your sole responsibility – Microsoft itself has no access to your secured data.

Also, data recovery works as easy as backing up: you decide which data from which point in time you want to restore. The restoration takes place within a very short time.

Due to the geo-redundancy of the backup solution, your data is secured even in the event of a natural disaster at the company location and recoverable at any time.

With BaaS – Backup-as-a-Service from the Microsoft Azure Cloud you can optimally secure your business-critical data. It does not matter if it’s cloud servers or your local infrastructure (on-premises). Azure Backup is just as individual as you and your existing solution. The associated Azure portal provides you with all the relevant notifications and information and the status of your data security.

We are happy to take over this service for you as cloud experts with many years of experience. Talk to us and let us advise you on Azure Backup.

Take advantage of a secure Azure backup:

Redundant backup of the data in a second location

Cost-effective setup and easy administration

Storage up to 99 years at 99.9% availability

Encryption of the data

Microsoft Azure Backup

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